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Wind Turbines
Wind Towers

Crystalline PV Modules

Single Crystal
Single crystal silicon cells are extremely thin wafers of silicon cut from a single silicon crystal. These are the most efficient type of silicon cells and have a life expectancy exceeding 25 years. The cells are fragile and must be mounted in a rigid frame. You can tell it is a single crystal due to the uniform, rounded individual cells.

Multi Crystal
Multi crystal silicon cells are also extremely thin wafers of silicon but are cut from multiple crystals grown together in an ingot. They are similar to single crystal cells in life expectancy and fragility. However, they are slightly less efficient than single crystal cells and require more surface area to produce a given amount of electricity. These types of cells are usually square and will have a varied appearance.
Fixed Mounts

Roof Mounts
Roof mounts are the most popular choice for locations that have a suitable roof. The modules are located above most objects that would cause shading problems and the large roof surface makes it easy to attach the mounting structure. A roof mount also locates the modules out of the way and out of sight, reducing the possibility of vandalism or theft.

Ground Mounts
Similar to the roof mounts, these structures mount on the ground, typically on concrete footings. These mounts are usually taller than a roof mount, to avoid grass and shrubs blocking the sun. Ground mounts are easy to install and provide easy means of seasonal angle adjustment at ground level.

Pole Mounts
Pole mounts are easy to install and allow the array angle to be adjusted after installation. The mounting frame fits on a length of schedule 40 pipe (available locally at any metal shop) set securely in a concrete form in the ground.


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