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Charge Controllers
Fuses and Safety
Accessories - Xantrex
Power Panels

Balance of Systems
Charge Controllers
Do you need a charge controller – the simple answer is yes! Charge controllers are devices used to protect batteries from damage due to overcharging. They limit the voltage and current delivered to a battery by solar, wind or microhydro generation.

Modern day controllers with sophisticated microprocessor-based circuitry have all but replaced the older on / off type controllers. When choosing a charge controller for your system keep in mind that you may want to expand your charging capability in the future. A larger controller may be a wise investment.
Fuses and Safety
Proper overload protection is mandatory in all electrical systems. The fact that itís an alternative energy system does not change the fact that electricity can be dangerous if not properly protected. Even a small solar panel is quite capable of delivering short-circuit current capable of melting wires, or placing your person or property at risk.
Accessories - Xantrex
Use Genuine Xantrex accessories to complete your installation.

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