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Charge Controllers
Wind Accessories and Replacement Parts
Midnite Solar

Balance of Systems
Charge Controllers
Do you need a charge controller – the simple answer is yes! Charge controllers are devices used to protect batteries from damage due to overcharging. They limit the voltage and current delivered to a battery by solar, wind or microhydro generation.

Modern day controllers with sophisticated microprocessor-based circuitry have all but replaced the older on / off type controllers. When choosing a charge controller for your system keep in mind that you may want to expand your charging capability in the future. A larger controller may be a wise investment.
Midnite Solar
You may not know Robin Gudgel by name, but if you have been around the Renewable Energy industry you know his products. Robin is the person responsible for the mechanical designs that so many of you use everyday. He is also one of the driving forces behind the technological advances that you now enjoy.

Starting with Trace Engineering in 1990, new standards were set for the industry. As founder of Outback Power Systems, in 2000, he ushered in a whole new line of products that have quickly become the new standard.

2005 brings a new chapter in the evolution of Robin Gudgel. He is now embarking on a new journey with a new company. MidNite Solar is his new venture and he looks forward to bringing you many exciting new products in the coming years.

Based on history, we have to believe we're in for a treat


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