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  Shurflo 9300 Controller 24VDC, 150W MAX    

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Brands: Shur Flo
Categories: Submersible Pumps
Volts: 24 VDC
Capacity: 150 W Max

Controller acts as a kind of a "transmission" between the solar panels and the pump, matching the output of the panels to what is required by the pump. These type controllers are usually called "LCB's", or linear current boosters. An LCB is a DC to DC converter, and is a form of maximum power point tracking (MPPT). LCB's essentially trade voltage for current, providing more current, especially at lower light levels, to the pump. LCB's will typically give you about 25-30% more water pumping per day than with a direct PV panel to pump connection


  • Operates on 24 VDC
  • Increases daily water output up to 30%
  • System starts pumping earlier in the morning
  • System stops pumping later in the evening
  • Protects pump from high or low voltage conditions
  • Terminals for float switch (pump is on when switch is off)

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