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  Generac EcoGen LPG generator, 6kW    

List Price(CAD): $5,495.00 per Each
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Item Code: EcoGen-6
Weight: 390.00LB
Categories: LPG/CNG Generators

This is a standby generator at an excellent price. Alternative Energy systems demand more from a generator than the cheaper gasoline-fuelled portable can offer. Small, portable generators are fine for occasional use, but the feedback we get from customers is the generator becomes the least enjoyed component of their system, demanding constant refuelling, servicing and the ever-present noise they make.

This Generator offers the following exceptional features

• Produces the least amount of noise of any generator on the market - Less than 52 dB(A) at 7 m (you can easily talk to someone else standing beside the unit - try that with a small gas generator!)
• Automatic start for integration with generator start inverters such as the Xantrex XW and Magnum MS series. Starting Battery required, sold separately.
• Attractive, durable enclosure for outdoor operation
• Connect to household Propane fuel system for an end to constant re-fuelling
• This generator has the longest warranty for any off-grid generator on the market. 3 years or 2,000hrs of operation
• This generator has the largest oil reservoir on the market, which means you can go up to 500hrs of operation before needing to change the oil.
• This generator is 120V-only to easily integrate with most inverters on the market. However, there is an option 240V conversion kit available to make it function with larger inverters as well.

Returns Available/Warranty
Return for repair/replacement:3 Year(s)

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