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  SunMar Excel Non-Electric Compost Toilet    

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List Price(CAD): $1,395.00 per Each
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Item Code: EXCEL-NE
Weight: 95.00LB
Brands: Sun-Mar
Categories: Sanitation
Mfg Location: Ontario
Unit of Measure: EA
Capacity: 5 adults weekend
Approvals: none

The success of the Excel design meant that a three-chamber unit could be specifically designed for those with NO continuous 110 volt supply. First launched in 1981, the Excel NE has long been the standard toilet for those living off the grid. A 1998 redesign gave the unit a rounded look, and recessed the drum handle.

The Excel NE has no fan or heater. Odourless operation is achieved by a 4" vent mounted at the top rear of the unit which acts like a chimney on a wood stove. For good air movement the vent should be as close to vertical as possible.

If the Excel NE is used residentially or heavily, or is in a place which is subject to downdraft, an optional 12 volt fan should be installed in the vent stack. This fan draws 1.9 watts and can be powered by a solar panel and 12 volt battery.

The fan should also be installed if there is to be any bends in the vent stack, as the "chimney effect" is negated by a bend.

Evaporating capacity on the Excel NE is variable, so the 1" drain at the rear should be connected to an approved drain pit, container, or other facility.

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