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  12/24V, 20A battery equalizer    

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List Price(CAD): $195.00 per Each
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Item Code: EQ12-24-20
Brands: Solar Converters International
Categories: Transformers
Mfg Location: Canada
Unit of Measure: EA
Amps: 20

This rugged and versatile unit is used to equalize a power system that has a 12V battery and a 24V battery in one system. It functions both ways, producing 12V @ 20 Amps from a 24V input or to produce 24V @ 10 Amps from a 12V input.

When connected as a battery equalizer, it allows large transient 12V loads to be taken off the centre tap of a 24V battery (made of 2 X 12V batteries) without fear of upsetting the voltage balance of the battery and destroying the 24V battery system that would otherwise occur. This is most commonly done on large vehicles with a 24V starting battery with 24V alternator and also a 12V accessories battery for your car stereo and lighter outlet.

For powering 12V loads directly from a 24V battery (ie. no 12V battery), we recommend a voltage converter to produce a constant 12V output for your loads from the 24V battery.

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