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Customize your Expanded SQFlex Solar Direct Pump System
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Grundfos 11SQF-2 11 GPM SQFlex Pump $ 1
Splice kit for submersible pump wire $ 1
10 AWG 4 submersible pump wire 3CON 1GND $ 30
Advanced Controller with Float Switch $ 1
Red Float Switch for CU200 Controller $ 1
Ground/Flat Roof Mount, 3 Large Panels $ 1
Canadian Solar 230W 60-cell, GT PV $ 3
MC4 Cable 50', #10AWG $ 1
PV module grounding lugs $ 6
6 AWG ground cable, bare copper $ 5
Ground Rod Clamp 5/8" $ 1
$ 1

No water, no problem!

Solar Direct Water Pumping can be the perfect solution for rural houses and farms where the cost of bringing power to a site is going to be prohibitive and sending a person out to the site day after day is not feasible.

A solar direct system does not contain any batteries, instead it pumps only when the sun is shining and, generally, fills a reservoir that provides water through the dark times while the pump is not pumping. Having no batteries in the system reduces the amount of maintenance the system requires to simply keeping the solar panels clean.

The SQFlex pumps come in two varieties, helical and centrifugal. The helical pump comes in three sizes 3, 6 and 11 gallon per minute at up to 360 feet of head. The centrifugal pump can be purchased in 25, 40 and 75 gallons per minute at up to 45 feet of head. These flow values depend both on the amount of solar panels that you have and the specific lift requirements of your site.

These system are easily expandable, if you find that the system is not producing the volume of water that you require adding an additional solar panel to the system will allow you to increase the water production quickly and easily.

The SQFlex pumps have created a whole new realm of possibilities in deep well pumping as their power consumption is far less then standard well pumps. In addition, they have on board power conversion technology that allows you to feed the pump 30-300VDC or 90-240VAC. This means that you can use this pump not only with a solar direct system but also with an inverter or generator based system.

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