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Customize your Cottager 1 - Magnum 2.8 kW - 12 V
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Magnum MS2812 2.8 kW 12V sine inverter $ 1
$ 1
$ 1
$ 1
$ 1
MNEPV15 15A 150 VDC DIN Rail Breaker $ 1
$ 2
20" Battery Cable, 5/16" Lugs, Series $ 1
Plastic enclosure for 2 x L16 batteries $ 1
Qcells 480W-72 DUO PV Module $ 1
$ 1
PV module grounding lugs $ 2
6 AWG ground cable, bare copper $ 10
MC4 Cable 30', #10AWG $ 1
$ 1
MNEPV15 15A 150 VDC DIN Rail Breaker $ 1
10 AWG 2 wire TECK cable, UV/Waterproof $ 15
Build, Program and Test System $ 4

  • Inverter: 2.8 kW continuous, 3 kW surge capacity, 120VAC pure sine wave
  • Battery Storage: 4.8 kWh (2 x 6V L16)
  • Solar Array: 480W with MPPT Charge Controller

This system has been engineered for the needs of weekend users. Specifically, this means a larger battery bank and a smaller solar array. After a weekend of heavy use, the system then has most of the following week to charge up again.

The next weekend when you return to your cottage, the batteries will be charged up and ready to use. Cottager systems will provide power for lights, music, some appliances, power tools, etc.

Kits are pre-assembled for easy self-installation, or we can arrange for a local installer to do the installation. Self-installation can usually be completed in 2-3 days, depending on the specifics of your site and your experience. Packaged systems are built to order and can easily be customized to your requirements.

This system comes with enough power to easily power lights, music and small appliances through the weekend.

The batteries should be installed in an insulated, sealed and ventilated battery box to protect the rest of your equipment from the corrosive and explosive vapours that are produced while the batteries are charging, and to prevent your batteries from freezing (box not included).

The solar array in this system is the most easily expandable part of the system! More solar modules can be easily added to the system and the recharge time for your system will be reduced. These can be added later, which will allow you to work with the system for a while before deciding if your lifestyle requires more solar panels.

This inverter has enough capacity to power the lights, music and two major appliances (vacuum cleaner, microwave, etc) at any one time.

The inverter included with this system can be easily integrated with a generator. The inverter has a built-in battery charger and automatic transfer switch, which allows you to take advantage of generator power throughout the house, and charges the batteries anytime the generator is on. The automatic transfer switch means that regardless whether the generator is on or off, there will be power available.

Please contact us with your specific requirements.

The Cottager systems are complete with all the parts needed for a successful installation. These systems presume your building has been wired to electrical code standards.

Standard items in all three systems:

  • System is pre-assembled on a power panel for easy installation
  • CSA/UL approved components to keep the electrical inspector happy
  • All wire, hardware, and instructions for a successful and fun installation
  • Batteries ARE included (box not included)
  • Adjustable mounting system for solar panels
  • Plenty of room for expansion of the system for future needs
  • Integrated battery charger for topping up batteries with generator
  • 24 Volt systems for high performance and expandability

Returns Available/Warranty
Return for repair/replacement:1 Year(s)



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